About the artist

Tim Forbes is a Canadian multidisciplinary visual artist sharing his creative time from his Blue Rocks Studios in the UNESCO Heritage Site of Lunenburg, Nova Scotia. 


Born in Halifax, on the Atlantic coast of Canada, among other experiments he attended the Nova Scotia College of Art and Design before opening his own design studio at age 24 where he quickly gained national attention as a go-to creative source for the performing arts, the film and television industry and leading Canadian and international corporations.

Looking beyond an award-winning career as an art director and designer, in 2005 Forbes decided to explore a dynamic change in a new dimension – sculpture – and escaped to a studio in the country.


“I remember doing my first sculpture at age 8 and had been waiting to get back to it ever since.”

Within the year, an inaugural bronze series HUMAN was released. A prolific, multi-faceted visualizer, subsequent portfolios have since produced photo-based compositions, works on paper, sculpture, large-scale installations and exhibition. In a unique event, in 2010, global art insursance experts AXA Art presented his works to collectors at the Toronto International Art Fair as well as hosting collectors at Art Basel Miami.


In 2011, New york's premier design event, the Architectural Home Design Show showcased Forbes' works to discerning collectors, designers, architects and art enthusiasts in "connecting the lines between design and high art".


Most recently, seminal works on canvas, CARBON, were released to collectors by the Oeno Gallery at the 2019 Art Toronto.


In the summer of 2019, Forbes relocated his creative epicentre to Blue Rocks.

"Since the time of the cave, creativity has fed the stream-of-consciousness of communication”


A belief in the social necessity of art and its value well beyond the whimsy of popular culture has inspired much of Forbes' inventive career.